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Spotlight on Kidney Health

Did you know that it’s possible to have kidney disease and not know it? During National Kidney Month this March, consider talking to your doctor about your risk factors for kidney problems. Regardless of your individual risk of kidney problems, it’s always a good idea to lead a healthy lifestyle to help prevent kidney disease. A doctor at JFK Medical Center North Campus can offer personalized medical guidance to concerned patients.

Kidney Function

You have two kidneys located in the lower back. Your kidneys play a crucial role in your health. They are responsible for filtering the blood to remove waste products and excess fluids. Once filtered from the blood, these fluids and waste products are removed naturally through urination. Your kidneys also regulate body chemicals, such as potassium and salt.

Kidney Diseases

Many diseases and conditions affect the health of the kidneys. Kidney stones, for example, can affect these organs. Kidney stones are formed from the concentration of various substances, including minerals. Kidney stones can be quite painful and they sometimes require surgical removal. And when the kidneys lose their ability to eliminate excess salts, fluids and waste materials, it can result in acute kidney failure. This is a life-threatening condition, but with proper treatment, recovery is possible. On the other hand, permanent kidney failure can result in individuals with chronic kidney disease, a disorder in which the kidneys can no longer work properly, as a result of dangerous buildup of waste products in the blood.

Preventive Measures

According to the National Kidney Foundation, more than 26 million adults are living with kidney disease but most do know it. That is why it’s important to know signs and your doctor can help you learn about lifestyle changes to support your health. Diabetes, for instance, is among the most common risk factors of chronic kidney disease. Following your doctor’s diabetes treatment plan can help you manage your risk of kidney problems. Other preventive measures to take include exercising regularly, restricting your intake of sodium, and eating a healthy diet. Quit smoking, if applicable, and consider talking to your doctor about whether you should abstain from alcohol to protect your kidneys.

JFK North has earned a reputation for superior patient care and an enduring commitment to furthering patient education. Our clinical team in West Palm Beach, FL provide health screenings, comprehensive disease management, and treatment for a number of conditions. Registered nurses are available 24/7 to answer your questions or provide a free physician referral. Call us at (888) 256-7694.

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