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A Look at Common Food Allergies

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If your doctor diagnoses you with a food allergy, it means that eating a certain food triggers an allergic reaction in your body. An allergic reaction is the result of an overreaction by your immune system. In other words, your immune system mistakenly interprets a food as a dangerous substance. A food or other substance to which you are allergic is called an allergen.

Some of the most common food allergens are peanuts, eggs, cow’s milk, wheat, and soy. You might also be allergic to fish, shellfish, sesame seeds, or tree nuts such as pecans and walnuts.

If your doctor suspects that you have an allergy, he or she may perform a scratch skin test. This involves placing a very small amount of the allergen on your skin to see if you develop a reaction to it. If you do have a food allergy, it’s important to avoid that allergen and any products that may contain it. Ingesting a substance you are allergic to may cause a severe reaction, called anaphylaxis, which requires a visit to the emergency department.

At West Palm Hospital, the doctors at our full-service hospital can perform allergy testing and develop a treatment plan for you. We also offer 24-hour emergency department services in the event of a severe allergic reaction. For more information, give us a call at (561) 842-6141 or visit us on the Web.

Breast Health 101

Breast cancer is among the most commonly diagnosed types of cancer in the U.S. Fortunately, researchers are continuing to improve treatment options for women with breast cancer. And because breast cancer is treatable if caught early, it’s important that you undergo regular breast exams. If you are unsure whether you’re doing it correctly or don’t know how, your gynecologist can show you how to perform a self-exam and recommend a mammogram screening schedule that’s right for you. Below, we’ve provided a few tips for optimum breast health:

Breast Care Center

Lifestyle Choices

Making a few changes to your lifestyle may help reduce your risk of breast cancer. It’s a good idea to avoid using tobacco and limit your alcohol consumption. Stay at a healthy body weight by following a well-balanced diet and getting at least 150 minutes of exercise each week.


Periodically, perform a breast self-exam by lying on your back and placing your left arm above your head. Use the three middle fingers of your right hand to check for lumps in your left breast. Feel the tissue of your breast using circular motions. Apply different levels of pressure ranging from mild to firm. Be sure to check the entire breast using an up-and-down pattern. Then, switch arms and check your right breast. If you notice anything unusual or if you notice that your breasts have changed in appearance and feel, schedule an appointment with your doctor. Changes in your breasts do not automatically mean that there is a problem; however, it’s always a good idea to have them checked out by a doctor.


A mammogram is a special X-ray that checks for unusual changes in your breast tissue that may indicate breast cancer. The current guidelines recommend that women ages 40 and older undergo a mammogram annually; however, other organizations recommend having the exam every two years if you are aged 50 or older. If you have risk factors for breast cancer, you may need more frequent screenings. Talk to your doctor about when you should have a mammogram.

And when you’re ready to have a mammogram, be sure to select an imaging facility that has specialty-trained breast radiologists because research has proven that they find significantly more cancers and at earliest stages than general radiologists. West Palm Hospital’s Breast Care Center, for example, is accredited by the American College of Radiology and one of few in the area  designated as a Breast Center of Excellence. This means that the facility provides services to the community at the highest standards of the Radiology profession.

To schedule an appointment for a mammogram, call West Palm Hospital at (561) 842-6141. Our physicians are dedicated to providing the best possible care to the community. In addition to our women’s care services, our full-service hospital also features an emergency department and orthopedic spine program. 

HCA Supports the Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts

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HCA will donate up to $200,000 to the American Red Cross for Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts in the Philippines.

The company is donating $100,000 to the Red Cross and will provide up to an additional $100,000 to match employee contributions to help the people of the Philippines. To make a match-eligible donation to the Red Cross for Typhoon Haiyan relief, please click here. HCA will provide dollar-for-dollar matching for gifts between $10 and $500 made at this site.

“Our hearts go out to the people of the Philippines and to our employees who have family members there,” said HCA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Richard M. Bracken. “This donation on behalf of our employees is a natural extension of HCA’s mission, which is carried out every day by our nurses, physicians and other colleagues who have dedicated their lives to caring for others.”

In addition, the HCA Hope Fund is supporting the travel, burial and rebuilding needs of employees and their families affected by Typhoon Haiyan. To apply for assistance, employees should visit www.HCAHopeFund.org and click on the “apply now” button. Established in 2005 to allow employees to help colleagues in need, the HCA Hope Fund provides assistance to HCA employees who have experienced disaster, illness, injury, domestic violence, and other situations. So far this year, the HCA Hope Fund has given $1.9 million to help more than 1,200 HCA employees and their families.

Meet Santa Claus! - Dec. 7, 2013

West Palm Hospital is excited to host Santa Claus on Saturday, Dec. 7th, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Bring your whole family, and enjoy this free event complete with face painting, balloon art, refreshments, snacks and a complimentary picture with Santa!

We look forward to seeing you there! For more information or to RSVP, call us at (561) 863-3958. To learn more about West Palm Hospital and our services, visit our website

West Palm Santa Claus Event

Ask the Expert: Beating Back Problems Lecture - Dec. 5, 2013

Are you tired of living with chronic back pain? If you're ready to discover some solutions for your back pain and learn how you can start living pain free, join us on Dec. 5th at 5:30 p.m. for a free "Ask the Expert" lecture. Dr. Raymond Golish, fellowship trained board-certified orthopedic surgeon, will discuss "Effective Treatments for Lower Back Pain." He will provide an overview of leading edge therapies and exciting treatment options, including minimally invasive surgical techniques available for back problems.  

Refreshments will be provided, and registration is required, so RSVP by calling (561) 863-3958. For more information about West Palm Hospital and our lectures, visit our website

West Palm Spine Lecture

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