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Behavioral Health

Mental health plays a significant role in physical health and general wellbeing. The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Services at West Palm Hospital is designed to meet the needs of our community, including behavioral health care for patients of all ages. Our behavioral health services include inpatient care and outpatient therapy in West Palm Beach, FL, in a caring, supportive, and professional environment.

Therapy for Improved Mental Health

Therapy plays a vital role in the treatment of behavioral health conditions. At West Palm Hospital, our Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Services offers a variety of therapy options; one or more forms of therapy may be combined as part of a comprehensive behavioral health plan.

Individual therapy involves only the patient and his therapist. This type of therapy takes place in a private treatment setting and may involve activities such as talking, journaling, and discussing or developing mental health and lifestyle goals. Individual therapy provides focused treatment to help patients change destructive or depressive behaviors and learn how to more positively handle stress and negative emotions.

Group therapy involves one or more therapists working together with two or more patients in a group. The goal of group therapy is to provide a safe environment for patients to discuss their feelings, thoughts, and experiences with others, while helping individuals to recognize that they are not suffering alone.

Family therapy focuses on treatment sessions that involve not only the patient and his therapist, but his family as well. This type of therapy can help family members understand their loved one’s condition, while building a tighter network of support, communication, and understanding for improved long-term wellness.

Recognizing the Symptoms of Clinical Depression

Depression is a serious mental health concern that can affect any individual, young or old. While temporary feelings of sadness are normal, particularly after a sad or tragic life event, extended or overwhelming depression and despair can affect long-term quality of life and physical wellbeing. Clinical depression requires professional care; the signs and symptoms of clinical depression may include:

  • feelings of worthlessness and guilt.
  • loss of energy or motivation.
  • difficulty concentrating or making decisions.
  • a loss of interest in daily activities or hobbies that once brought pleasure.
  • sleep disorders, including insomnia and hypersomnia.
  • chronic and unexplained pain, digestive issues, headaches, or cramps that do not respond to conventional treatments.
  • over- or under-eating, often resulting in significant weight gain or loss.
  • recurring thoughts of suicide or self-harm.

You can learn more about behavioral health in West Palm Beach, FL, by calling West Palm Hospital at (888) 256-7694 to discuss our comprehensive hospital services.